ability absence acceptance achievement action advantage adversity advice affection age agree alcohol anger answer anxiety appearance appreciate association bad beauty behaviour believe best boast bond brave breaking busy buy carefully caution certainty chance change character cheap cheek child choose clean clumsy comfort company complaint compromise conscience consequences content convenience convent cooperation correct counsel courage coward custom danger death debt deceive decision defense delay deny deserve detail difference difficult discipline discretion diversity doing draw early easy eat economic education effect effort end endure enemy envy evil exaggeration example excuse expectation expences experience exploitation failure familiarity family fast fate fault feeling fight finish fit flaw fool forbidden forgotten free friendship gain genuine get give good greed grief guideness guilt happen happiness harm haste haste hate have health hear help heredity hierarchy hobby home honesty hope hunger hurt hypocrisy ignorance impression inactivity inadequacy income ingratitude instance integrity intelligence intention involve irreplaceable join joke kindness knowledge lasting lazyness leader learning leave lies life little live losing love luck luck married means mischief misfortune mistake moderation money more morning must nationality nature new news nonsence obtain obvious old opinion opportunity optimism order outcome parleys patience perfection persistence persuasion picture pleasure poor possible power praise predict preference pretense prey price problem progress promise prosperity punishment question quietness reaction reaping reason regret reign remain repentance reputation reputation resemblance responsibility result retain retreat return reward rich risk rouse routine rule safety satisfaction school scorn second secure selfish sensibility shallowness sight silence silliness similarity simplicity situation speech spent start stealiing strength success suit supperstition sure survive suspicion talking target task taste teach temptation thankful thief think threat thrive time today trade treat truth try unsuited useless value vanity violence virtue wager wait want get want waste weak weakness wealth weather welcome wisdom words work worsening wrong youth