Washington 1732 - 1799 (67)

It is better to be alone than in bad company.


In the 18th century King of England heavily taxed the colonies in America, leading the revolution of the colonists, their independence and the creation of the US state. George Washington was commander of the army during the war for independence (1789-1797), one of the pioneers of the creation of the US Constitution and the first president of the United States. Born on February 22, 1732 the property of the wealthy family, he received little education and worked for a short time as a surveyor. After the death of his father and his brother acquired large estates and began to deal with it. However had military ambitions and was given the opportunity during the 1750s, taking part in the fight to oust the French from the Ohio area. The Washington demonstrated leadership ability and reached commander of troops in Virginia. In 1759 he married Martha Ntantritz, a widow with two children and very large estates. After marrying the Washington became the largest landowner in Virginia, and for some years took care estates. He loved the rural life and was very human with numerous slaves, took care to feed and dress well and not die from exhaustion. In his will he left his wife in the exhortation to release just make conditions suitable. For years he was loyal subject of the king of England when the colonists rebelled however, sided with the search of the lead and managed to become -and because of the enormous wealth of at chief of the revolutionary army. He won many battles, and committed to several errors, however, managed to keep a high morale and great discipline in the army, eventually to victory over the English Lord General in 1781 in the Bay of Chesapeake, won essentially the war. The final victory and withdrawal of the British became two years later, in 1783. Four years later, he was elected president of the National Assembly to discuss the constitution of the new state. After four months of intense consultation process and the Constitution became a reality and Washington was unanimously elected as the first president of the United States. As president kept the balance and avoided confrontations both inside and outside the country, helping greatly in its infancy the newly established state. After four successful years as president wanted to retire but persuaded him to stay for another four years. In March 1797 he retired from politics to live calmly to his estates, but was not to be for long. On December 14, 1799 died of flu and high fever.