Remarque 1899 - 1970 (71)

Life did not intend to make us perfect. Whoever is perfect belongs in a museum.


All Quiet on

the Western Front

Erich Maria Remarque was a German author best known for his anti-war novel "All Quite on the Western Front". He was born on June 22, 1899 in Osnabrück, Germany, to a working class family, and at the age of 17 he was sent to the West Front to fight. An eyewitness to the "greatest gang crime in human history" as he called World War I, he was wounded in 1917 and spent many months in hospital. At the end of the war he began to do various works and write, in 1919 he published his anti-war novel which was considered the most heartbreaking testimony against the war and became an international success, offering him the opportunity to live the rest of his life from writing..

In 1930 the book was taken to the cinema and was also a great success, however when it was shown in Berlin, Nazi youth groups interrupted the screenings and terrorized the viewers. Remarque was forced to flee to Switzerland as the Nazis targeted him, and when they came to power in 1933, they banned his book as anti-German. In 1940 Remarque emigrated to America, his sister who remained in Germany believing that she was not in danger, she was arrested in 1943 and convicted to death.

In 1958 Remarque married, he lived the rest of his life, until September 25, 1970, mainly in Hollywood and Rome, writing screenplays and books, most notably: "Three Comrades", "Arch of Triumph", "Shadows in Paradise."