Pittacus -640 - -568 (72)

Whatever you do, do it well.


Pittacus was an ancient Greek general and one of the Seven Sages of Greece. He was a native of Mytilene, when the Athenians were about to attack his city, Pittacus challenged their General to a single combat, with the understanding that the result should decide the war, and much bloodshed be thereby avoided. The challenge was accepted, and he killed his enemy with a broad sword. After that he was chosen ruler of his city and governed for many years. He made very usefull laws, one of many was that: "A crime committed by a person when drunk should receive double the punishment which it would merit if the offender were sober." That was directed mainly against the aristocrats, as they were more often guilty of drunk and violent behaviour. His great motto was: "Whatever you do, do it well."