Lennon John 1940 - 1980 (40)

All you need is love.


John Lennon, (October 9th 1940-8 Δεκεμβρίου 1980) was an English musician, writer, founding member of The Beatles and peace activist with strong action in the movement against Vietnam War. Born in Liverpool during a bombardment of the city by the German Loutvafe, his father was a waiter and singer on cross Atlantic ships, his mother was a dancer in a local club. His father abandoned them when he was a baby and his mother gave him to her sister to bring him up. His uncle and unt were strict but had him as their own child. John was untamed and didn’t show any interest to school. In 1957 his mother gave him a guitar and encouraged him to learn music. He began studying graphic arts in advertising at art college in Liverpool but he soon abandoned it; he increasingly involved in the music business and founded a band, the Quarrymen. At a concert in 1957, he met Mak Karntef who joined the band, bringing with him Harrison. With the new members the band left the folk music and turned to a kind of rock and roll. In 1958 a drunk driver lured and killed his mother out of the house of her sister. In 1959 the band took the name Beatles and made appearances with some success in clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg. On August 23, 1962, he married Cynthia Powell, his fellow student at the School of Fine Arts and pregnant with his son, Julian Lennon, who was born the following year on April 8.

A month after his marriage, the Beatles published their first album: «Love me Do». The next album «Please, please me» was a great success. Lennon and Makdanda was the leading figure of the band, composing, singing, playing quitar and often participatin in piano. His first compositions may have been in simple form, the years 66-67 spent a period of influence of psychedelic substances, at the end of this decade has matured as a composer. He got divorced and was associated with the Japanese artist Yoko Ono, which affected the catalyst in terms of music, modern art and the social problems which she commented through projects such as the status of women; segregation, the Vietnam War. In March 1969, Lennon married Ono and spent the whole honeymoon in bed as a means of protest for peace by inviting journalists and giving numerous interviews from their bedroom. In the autumn of the same year they recorded the last album of the band before their dissolution. Lennon blamed MAckanfelfor the dissolution that he wanted to take the lead, the other accused Yoko, whom they disliked her from the beginning. In 1971, Lennon moved to New York where Nixon is trying to find a way to deport him for his contribution to the anti-war movement and religious organizations have targeted for the conversation of how the Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ. In 1973 separates from Yoko and two years related to his secretary in 1975 reunited with Yoko and had a son with her. For a few years does not record until he reappears with double album "Double Fantasy". It is 1980 and as John returned from the recording studio, a fan asks him autograph, John kindly sign and when he turns his back to depart he hit him wioth six bullets in the back. The "fan" remains unperturbed waiting police. Years later he said he did it because he wanted to gain publicity.