Leino Eino 1878 - 1926 (48)

The one who has knowledge, he won’t condemn.



Eino Leino (July 6, 1878 - January 10, 1926) was a Finnish poet and journalist, considered one of the pioneers of Finnish poetry and the national poet of Finland. He was born in Paltamo, the seventh child in a family of twelve. His parents died while he was still in school, he grew up with his older brothers and studied philology at the University of Helsinki. His older brother was a poet, critic and theater director, together they founded a literary magazine in 1898.

Leino published his first poem at the age of 12 and a collection of poems at the age of 18. In addition to writing poetry, he wrote in newspapers and magazines on theater and culture in generalq he also translated thw works of important authors such as Goethe. He published over 70 books of poems and stories, in which he made extensive use of Finnish mythology and folklore, combining modern and popular elements in his works. Although he was such a prolific writer, he was constantly in financial troubles.

Leino married three times and he had a daughter; he died in 1926 at the age of 47.