Hughes Ted 1930 - 1988 (58)

What happens in the heart simply happens.



Edward James Hughes (Ted Hughes) was an English poet and children's book writer, the National poet of England, from 1984 until his death. In addition to his poetry, he remains known for the fact that his wife, poet Sylvia Plath, in 1963, as well as his partner Assia Weville in 1969, committed suicide with gas. Sylvia took care to save their children, Assia killed their daughter first and then committed suicide.

Ted was born on August 17, 1930 in Yorkshire, lived his first six years in a farm, then moved to Mexboro where his father opened a newspaper and tobacco shop. In 1945 he wrote his first poems and in 1946 some of them were published in the school magazine. In 1950 he began studying English literature at Cambridge, in 1953 he turned his studies to Anthropology and Archeology.

In 1957 his first poetry collection was published with themes from rural life. He received rave reviews and two years later won the Galbraith Award for $ 5,000. Plath and Hughes met at university, married in 1956, and divorced in 1962. After her suicide, Hughes became her heir and administrator of her literary fortune, overseeing the publication of her manuscripts; according to all indications, he destroyed the last volume of her diaries, which were not at all flattering for him. In 1970 his poetry collection "Crow" was published, it is considered to be his most important work; in the same year he got married again. In 1974 he was honored with the Royal Gold Medal of Poetry, in 1987 the "Birthday Letter" was published in which he spoke for the first time about life with Plath. He died the following year, on October 28, 1988, after a long and painful battle with cancer.