Hippocrates -460 - -377 (83)

Life is short, art is long, opportunity is fleeting, experience misleading the judgment difficult.


Hippocrates was born in Kos in 460 BC and studied medicine at the famed Asklipieio . Originally he was a student of his father , later of Herodikos, Gorgias , the rhetorician Leontinou and Democritus . Once trained , he began to practice as a doctor, but knowing how immersed in ignorance and prevention were the other doctors of his time, he began traveling to complete his education and to spread the faith in clean air, water and sun .

He made scientific trips to many areas, visiting Delos, Thassos , Scythia , Thrace and Smyrna and his reputation were constantly spreading, crossed the boundaries of Greece, came to Persia. It is said that Artaxerxes invited him in his palace, that he healed the King Perdiccas of Macedonia , that redeemed Abdera of plague, that helped the Argives and the Athenians , taking preventive measures against the spread of infectious diseases . The Athenians , as a token of gratitude, initiated him into the Eleusinian mysteries and declared him a citizen of Athens . Last stop was the land of his ancestors, Thessaly , where he remained until the end of his life. He died in Larissa at the age of 83, his tomb was maintained until the second AD century .

The offer of Hippocratic Medicine in Medical Science World is priceless. In his time, people believed that epidemics occur because of Gods, he explained them that these wounds were created by contaminated water, dirt, mice and sick people coming in contact with the rest of society. The global recognition of Hippocrates as "father of medicine" is a testament to the invaluable pioneering project . Hippocratic Oath serves as a foundation for other, similar oaths and laws that define good medical practice and morals. Such derivatives are regularly taken today by medical graduates about to enter medical practice.[