Frost Robert 1874 - 1963 (89)

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.




Robert Lee Frost (1874-1963) is one of the great American poets of the 20th century, unofficially considered as the national poet of America. He was orn in San Francisco, the son of a poor rural family and lived a difficult childhood and adolescence, especially after his father death in 1885. With his mother and sister and $8 (all their fortune) they moved to eastern Massachusetts. He attended Dartmouth College for a semester and then did various jobs such as distributing newspapers and working in a factory to help support his family. In 1894 he sold his first poem to "The Independent" for fifteen dollars and the following year he married his high school sweetheart. He attended Harvard University for two years and although he was doing well he had to stop because of expenses and because his wife was expecting their second child. His grandfather bought them a farm in New Hampshire and Frost stayed there for nine years where he wrote many of his early poems and tried unsuccessfully to raise poultry. In 1912 the family traveled to Glasgow and later settled outside London. His first poetry collection was published the following year. In England, he entered literary circles and wrote some of his most important poems.

Frost returned to America in 1915, bought a farm in New Hampshire (he had sold the previous one while financing his trip to England) and continued writing while teaching. From 1916 to 1938 he was Professor of English Philology at Amherst College. Although he did not graduate from university, Frost was honored 40 times with a doctorate from American universities and was appointed professor of poetry at Harvard. He has won the Pulitzer Prize four times. His poetry revolves around the lives of ordinary people and contains many dramatic monologues. His personal life suffered many losses, after his father in 1885, his mother died of cancer in 1900 and in 1920 he was forced to lock his sister in a psychiatric hospital where he died after 9 years. He had 6 children of whom a daughter died of 3 days, a son died of cholera and a daughter of postpartum complications. His wife died of heart failure in 1938 while Frost lived until 1963.