70 million years ago
Common ancestors


It is nonsense to claim that man is descended from the monkey. People and monkeys are descended from common ancestors, traces of which are lost at the depths of millions of years. And even deeper in millions of years, we have a common origin with mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, with all animals, plants, bacteria, we are pieces of the earth that gave birth to us, the universe that activated us.

Photo The phylogenetic tree of organisms has thousands of branches, in one of them humanoids are found. More than 13 million years ago, the ancestors of Orangutan were separated from the ancestors of human, 8 million years ago our last common ancestor with the gorilla disappeared, and 7 or 6 million years ago chimpanzees also departed from the evolutionary branch of the human. Similarities in hemoglobin and myoglobin, as well as 98.4% identical DNA, confirm that chimpanzees are human's closest species.

Photo For the last common ancestor of chimpanzee and human there is a dichotomy in the scientific community, even today, fossils of new unknown species are discovered. Until recently, Sahelanthropus (Chad), who lived about 7 million years ago, was believed to have been the last common ancestor, others claiming to be Orrorin Tugenensis (Kenya, 6 million years ago). Nevertheless, an ape-like creature, whether in today's Chad or in today's Kenya, Sahchelanthropus or Orrorin, gave birth to a daughter from whom, generation after generation and millennium after millennium, her descendants became human.