Shang and Zhou


The last emperor of the Xia dynasty was a great tyrant, along with his nobles, they built many palaces and transported a luxurious and luxuriant life at the expense of the people they were barbarously oppressed. Around -1650 the Duke Tang overthrew the tyrant and started the Shang dynasty. Life continued as before, with the only difference that new cousins took the feuds and oppressed the villagers. The administrative system seemed ideal, but in practice political life turned out to be a shift of vicious and corrupt administrations, periodic benevolent reforms and lasting competition for power and wealth within the same dynasty. There has been a period of 2 centuries during which 21 emperors were murdered and many hundreds of aristocrats. The war of need for defense became a habit of assault and perpetually exhausted the people, but life continued, and through the ataxia, the foundations for Chinese language, art and philosophy were created. Photo Since the time of Shang dates back to the first copper findings in China, the first samples of the writing were found on bronze utensils and in turtle coils. The turtles' shells were used by the wizards to predict the future. The Chinese script, like all the original ones, was ideographic, every character represented an idea, their basic system is preserved to this day. Shang believed they were the center of the world, they had the highest culture, and in order not to lose their prosperity they were sacrificing people. There have been graves with 300 executives. While in the construction of a temple or palace 600 people were sacrificed. Shang often carried their capital, perhaps because of barbaric raids, in 1300 the dynasty changed its name and became Yin but soon, around -1100 was dethroned by a new dynasty of Chow.